Canadian Citizenship
Canadian citizenship rules

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Canadian citizenship is typically obtained by being born in Canada, born overseas when at least one parent is a Canadian citizen, or by adoption abroad by at least one Canadian citizen.

According to the Canadian Citizenship law, Canadian citizenhip can also be granted to a permanent resident who lives in Canada for three out of five years and meets specific requirements.

Every year about 170,000 people become new citizens of Canada.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) may require documents and references as proof of your eligibility for Canadian citizenship, as well as the completion of a Residency Questionnaire.  Any missing data on your application will delay the processing.

Should your citizenship application be refused, our lawyers can help you appeal the rejected application within 60 days to the Federal Court of Canada. Some of the elements considered by the court are:

  • if the judge that ruled on your application acted within his jurisdiction;
  • if the decision was reasonable or fairly made.

Once the Federal Court decides that the decision on your citizenship application was wrongly made, the application is sent back to another Citizenship judge to be reconsidered.

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